Monday - Friday: 11am - 2pm

Sunday -Thursday 5pm - 9pm
Friday & Saturday 5pm - 10pm

Vegan Menu Items

Vegan versions can be made for the following entrees.

*Please say you'd like the vegan version when ordering.

Oseng Oseng Tempe
Sate Tempe
Curry Eggplant
Gado Gado
Sambal Goreng Tempe
Sambal Goreng Kentang
Vegetable Curry
Mango Curry
Sambal Goreng Papaya
Red Curry Squash
Stir Fry Holy Basil
Pad Rum Mit
Nasi Goreng
Thai Fried Rice
Curry Fried Rice
Pad Thai
Asse Cabe
Bihun Kari


Many of their dishes can be made with tofu and are vegan/vegetarian friendly to start. One of their best dishes is a coconut curry with potato, lemon grass, and bamboo shoots; it's absolutely delicious!

The veganized Indonesian mac 'n cheese is amazing - not "cheesy" at all, but thick and comfort-food-esque in the same way. On weeknights, if you eat in the Nutty Bar section, the Indo mac and other entrees are only $5. Service can be pretty tediously slow, but at $5 for a hearty-delicious meal that often has leftovers, I don't mind the wait!

Happy hour and non-happy hour food alike is amazing here.
Waitstaff are pretty knowledgeable about what is and isn't vegan on the menu.

LOVED this restaurant. Food was awesome, a nice change from the usual stuff. There were so many vegan options,
I couldn't decide. The server knew her stuff and was really helpful and flexible. Would definitely go back if I lived in Madison.

Love this place! The food is amazing, I've had the Eggplant Curry, the Mango Curry, and the vegan IndoMac. Like another reviewer said, it's not cheesy at all, but it's a delicious curry. Their tempeh is delicious.

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