Monty's Blue Plate Diner


Monday - Thursday: 7am - 9pm
Friday: 7am -10pm
Saturday: 7:30am - 10pm
Sunday: 7:30am - 9pm


Vegan Menu Items

Ask for the separate vegan menu.

Soups & Salads

  • Mediterranean Platter
  • Grilled Vegetable Spinach Salad
  • Side Salad
  • Vegetarian Chili

Breakfast (served all day)

  • Vegetarian Hash
  • Sweet Potato Hash
  • Almond Milk French Toast
  • Vegan Banana Walnut Pancakes
  • Country Breakfast
  • Tofu Scrambler
  • Fruit Plate

Sandwiches and Entress

  • Sheldon
  • Heathen Vegan Shoplifter's Delight
  • TNT B.L.T.
  • Artichoke Sandwich
  • Falafel Wrap
  • Vegetarian Massaman Curry


  • Fruit pies - cherry, strawberry rhubarb, and apple
  • Bakery - vegan brownies & oat fudge bars
  • Soy ice cream
  • Sundaes
  • Shakes


When I dined here for vegan options I was not able to order anything without onions. All of their vegan options had onions in them and when I asked if I could get it w/o they said it was all pre-made. Frustrating.

Monty's is GREAT. There are many vegan options here, and many without onions. The atmosphere is authentic diner and the service is good and friendly. They are always willing to make accommodations if they can. SUGGESTIONS: Monty's needs a vegan burger on the menu! Adding vegan Daiya cheese as a menu option would be a huge plus. A non-dairy "buttery spread" like Earth Balance or Smart Balance could be offered as an alternative to butter for things such as toast.

Love this place!

Great vegan breakfasty things, and the heathen vegan sandwich is amazing. Usually pretty busy, with good reason.

Monty's is great! There is an entire vegan breakfast menu. The tofu scramble and the pancakes were thoroughly enjoyable. It was very busy, but worth it.

I use to be super impressed but now the more I go, the more misleading I find out their vegan menu is. I was told the almond milk French toast has honey. The waffle fries contain milk, and food is not prepared separately unless asked. They were out of tempeh at one visit so they substituted with morning star sausage which is definitely not vegan. Still a nice place to go with friendly staff. They just need to update their vegan menu.

We’re the blue and white retro gas station-turned diner nestled in the heart of Atwood, across from the Barrymore.

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