Mother Fool's Coffeehouse


Weekdays 7am - 11pm
Weekends 8am - 11pm


Vegan Menu Items

Vegan soup served daily

Non-dairy milks available at no extra charge.

All pastries are vegan. Cookies, cupcakes, brownies and muffins.


Can't comment on the coffee, but the pastries were AMAZING! We went there late on a Sat evening for some
vegan goodies, everything was fantastic. Cinnamon rolls were highly rated, pecan sandie cookie the best
I've ever had! The blueberry muffin was REALLY crumbly, but otherwise great!

Not being a big coffee drinker (well, not coffee-shop-coffee anyway; I'm just a plain ol' organic cream, raw sugar, and fair trade coffee kinda-gal) and not knowing how to order what I wanted -- the gal behind the counter was so patient and helpful and made me an amazing coffee! I also ordered a fruity-oaty-bar-thingy that was oh, SO divine! Great atmosphere, definitely a cozy hang-out even if you're not really a coffee-shop-coffee kinda person!

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