Full Menu Available
Monday - Thursday: 11am - 9pm
Friday - Saturday: 11am - 10pm
Sunday: 5pm - 9pm

Brunch Menu Available
Sunday: 10am - 2pm


Vegan Menu Items

Ask for the separate vegetarian menu.  


  • Smoked tofu wings (can be made vegan)
  • Crudites (can be made vegan)


  • Endive salad (can be made vegan)
  • Veggie chop salad (can be made vegan)
  • Reveillon salad (can be made vegan)
  • House salad


  • Smoked Tofu
  • Blackened Seitan
  • Mushroom Risotto (can be made vegan)
  • Veggie Red Beans
  • Veggie Creole
  • Veggie Jambalaya


  • Mediterranean Po'Boy (can be made vegan)
  • Veggie Muffaletta Po'Boy (can be made vegan)
  • Blackened Seitan Po'Boy
  • Mushroom Po'Boy (can be made vegan)
  • Vegan Burger


  • Gluten-free Chocolate Cake with Raspberry coulis

Sunday Brunch
Tofu scramble, pan seared seitan, roasted potatoes, and grilled baguette


Delicious vegan food! Liliana's is really the only place to go in the Madison area if you want "fancy" vegan food. The smoked tofu is incredible! Plenty of gluten-free options too. It's unfortunate to see the negative reviews because I've never had a bad experience with the food or service. The only complaint I have is that on this past Valentine's Day, they booked way too many reservations and we had to wait for a long time before we were seated, even with a reservation. But, the food was still amazing and the kitchen was quick preparing the food. And that was the only instance of that happening, so it probably was a fluke.

You will pay a few more dollars per plate than some other restaurants, but it is well worth it for a special occasion. I highly recommend this place for any vegan!

We've been there several times now and have tried a different entree each time, each with seitan (their seitan is the best I've had, tbh) - love their food, love their occasionally changing menu! I agree that the tofu wings could stand to be less-moist on the inside and crispy on the outside, but I still enjoy them. They don't always have a vegan dessert option available, but when they do it's always tasty. Their specialty drinks are also fantastic. We've always had great service there. It is pricey, so we use it as a special occasion restaurant, but would still call it our favorite restaurant in Madison.

We had a few problems on our last visit: my boyfriend's jambalaya came without seitan (they brought some when we asked); they were out of vegan blue cheese to go with the tofu wings, so they brought us non-vegan ranch (doesn't seem right to bring a non-vegan substitute when someone orders a vegan option); and the tofu wings themselves were pretty squishy- they should have pressed the tofu first, and normally wings come out crispy after being fried, so I'm not sure why they were so squishy. The meals are also quite over-priced in my opinion

That said, I'm happy that they have a vegetarian menu and mark the vegan options. I think with a bit better server & cook training on the vegan options, they could improve. I still probably wouldn't go there very often just because of the prices, though. $17 for the jambalaya, which was at first only rice and veggies!

Their vegan black bean burger was great until they took it off the menu - now I have no reason to give them my business.

Fantastic food, service, ambiance. One important improvement should be made, if it hasn't been already--a few weeks ago I ordered a vegan black bean burger and was told that the bun/bread it comes on is not vegan. They do have a vegan bread available for a substantial additional cost. I opted for a Romaine lettuce wrap which did not work well for the black bean burger--it was a mess. A delicious mess, but a mess. Liliana's should offer a vegan bread with the black bean burger that doesn't cost an additional charge of $2 or $3. Since the burger is listed as vegan, one should be able to conclude that "vegan" includes the bun & condiments. Even so, there is no place with several vegan options that compares to Liliana's.

Had the red beans - absolutely delicious. Great service too! We will definitely be back to try all the vegan options!

My favorite restaurant. I'm vegan. I never have so many options at a nice restaurant. Everything is so tasty and good.

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